"In Heaven, Everything is Fine​.​"

by lovechild

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released January 4, 2014

Mayfly Records, 2014.

Tim Altieri: guitar
Greg Cook: vocals
Andrea Guede: photography
Christian Holden: vocals
The Human Genius: model
Piotr Lato: guitar tech
Aviv Marotz: assistant engineer
Shannon McLaren: model
Zac Suskevich: guitar
Patrick Talesfore Jr.: drum set
Zach Weeks: bass guitar, engineering, mixing, mastering, photography, layout, vocals
Zach Willwerth: model

Thanks to:
Alex Garcia-Rivera
Bob Farley
Greg Horbal
Heads Up Records
It's a Trap! Records
Nick Osborne
Sander Bryce
Solidarity Recordings
and of course, everyone else who has supported us one way or another.



all rights reserved


lovechild Boston, Massachusetts

I love who I'm not and I hate who I've become.


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Track Name: Strangers
I've thought about it in time, and time and time again.
Pushing myself to the furthest limits.
Do I mean the things I say?
Am I getting carried away?
I know it's not a joke, but say it if you mean it.

Corrupted by normality,
Blurred visions in my reality,
Oh, when will it end?
The cycle perpetuates.

Everyone would get a little far from where we are,
Just like I'm some kind of mistake.
The promises I've kept,
The people that I've left,
Will be the ones to help me dig my grave.

In a way I'm numb, so I'm nothing.
Close my eyes for what the future brings.
In a way I'm nothing, but don't call me that.
Feel my being separate; mind dissipates.
Track Name: "Periods of intense fear or apprehension that are of sudden onset,"
Space, I need a name for it.
Something for betterment.
Something to calm you down.
Please, you must refrain from it,
Nothing to gain from it,
It's only bringing you down.

Get out of my face,
Don't say my name,
I got your note,
And threw it away.

I can't think.
Track Name: I'm always waking up at sunrise.
To think that I've been waiting all of my life to work away my days until I fully expire.
Can't live a life of selling dope or stealing things to get me through,
I'm more than just a criminal, this is more than a means of aggression.
"Just act your age, collect your wage and go."

You think you have this figured out, but you don't know what real stress brings.
You could never amount it to anything.
Track Name: We are nothing alike, you fucking pig.
Store bought emotion,
Your meaningless passions,
It makes me sick,
Your head is too thick.
Your half-way excuses have no one convinced,
Dig your face into that pile of shit.
Slow and pathetic, it just makes my head ache,
But you've gone dull, your stomach's too full,
Your freedom is shrinking but your body has grown big,
Shoveling what's handed, so you dig.
We pledge allegiance for these fucking pigs?

I knew the real world would be something like this,
but I'd never take the chance on life if that's all there is.
Should I be a “scholar”? Or just more of a “man”?
With a 40 hour work week and diploma in hand?
Who are you, American?
I knew the real world would be something like this, but I quit.
Track Name: One Bar of Xanax
My stomach sinks,
When I think, and I lose all appetite.
You’re the reason why,
I could never sleep quite at night.
You managed to bring everything down and it continues,
Pounds to lose, brain cells, since you always seem to...
You're every excuse
For why I never fall asleep at night.
And all of the drugs I tried.
Everything I called my own I gave to you in one way or another,
Sanity, animosity, a feeling I've depleted that I'll never recover.
Give it away, give it away, give it away,
In one day it may come back again.
But with nothing to say, nothing to say, nothing to say,
I’m lost, (I'm lost)
You’re blind, (You're blind)
When we’re together we’re wasting our time.
I think we'll talk later.
Track Name: Perfectionist (Perfectionism)
Fell out of line when you tried to walk,
I guess your step isn't good enough.
Eyeing our size when there comes a time,
Spit in my face so now you think I'm blind.
Give me power, give me courtesy,
Obedience and some complacency.
Civility, my sanity, I'm out of reach.
Turned off so much oh just by how we think.

Washed up, come clean when you're deep inside
"holier than thou," yet victimizing your own mind.
You can't see how it really is for anyone but yourself,
Closed doors are always closed for everybody else.

Mouth open, mouth hung wide open,
Mouth hung wide open, just speak.
Mouth open, mouth hung wide open,
Won't try and say your peace
Because nobody has spoken.

Just shut up.
Track Name: Oh, love.
(Trust only two, just me and you, me and you,
Trust only two, me and you.)

When the movement stops,
When your talking drops,
I will drift away.
And when your weight is pressed,
Crushing my every breath,
I'm left with nothing to say.
Half the size of me, see parts that I can't see.
Stuck in your bedroom and I'm searching for the light.
Stepping on everything, break what our future brings.
Losing what's left of my mind and my confidence,
Losing what's left of your judgment and your common sense,
Losing the best of times, erased them from my mind.
These are times that I wish I'd rip my face apart.

The blood lines, our blood lines,
The silver lying of our youth.
The end times, the end times,
A thousand unrequited truths.
I'm too tired, I'm too tired,
You tear it all apart and preach rebuild, rebuild, but I'm still burning.
In every decision,
My hands are tied behind my back
Increasing divisions,
Too young for heart attacks
I crumble, I can't stand,
so tear it all apart and preach but I'm still burning.

Watch me snap, look at my bones while they break.
You look surprised, I see the sadness in your eyes.
It's all I knew, it's all I knew me and you,
It's all I knew me and you me and you me and you.
Track Name: My body feels thousands of pounds.
Usually I just settle my face in between my hands because I'm far too drained.
I'm far too tired to move.
This has nothing, to do with you.

These are the moments that still maim me,
The same ones that never quite escape me.
My face in a crowd, surrounded by sound, but none of their talking will wake me.

This is when I lose myself and wallow in personal hell,
You can't hear what people say because you never needed help.
I'm far too tired to move.
Track Name: Post-Traumatic Apathy
Could you foresee the things I've seen unbeknownst to me
I can't believe what has been dealt like an unknown disease
Euthanize me.
Euthanize me.
I breathe, they bleed.
The things I've done are so unfortunate,
The people I've wronged, but still I don't regret what I've done.
You've got the right guy,
You've got the wrong guy.
You've got the right guy.
You've got the wrong guy.
Stand by my apathetic life,
Imprisoning environment is where I spend my time.
Say bye, all reasonings aside,
Juggling morality to go to bed at night.
Track Name: Human Relations
I’ve come to terms with learning dependencies
and that chip off your heart. You break everything
you own because you’re never content with something.
You'll be your own problem, you'll be your own best friend.
You'll never listen to anyone,
you can't even listen to yourself.
You end up confused, with that, you end up by yourself,

(only you, only you, only you)

I keep telling people what they want to hear for so long before I don’t even care.
I keep telling you what you want me to say before I grow exhausted with everything.
I feel uncomfortable and I want to stay,
I take too many risks with you to think that you’ll ever change.
I’ve done enough to myself to put me where I am,
the last thing I need is someone to make it worse.
You don’t want to hear it, thanks but no thanks.
Track Name: Your Neighbors
Institutionalized racism is running as fast as you can sprint.
Covered up and gentrified, force-fed through media selling lies.
Your mayor will try to warn you to stay at home after dark,
For legalized home invasions brought to you by a police nation.

"Well you should know that they don’t have it that hard,
All those welfare checks and E.B.T. are ruining society.”

Find out what’s the issue,
And it’s in the streets, it’s in the streets.
We think they look suspicious,
So call the police, call the police.
Violate their rights, hope they get out of line.
Bonus pay, name in a page, because you stand for justice, right?