by lovechild

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released June 28, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Alex Garcia-Rivera at Mystic Valley Recording Studio, May - June 2013.
Mastered by Zach Weeks



all rights reserved


lovechild Boston, Massachusetts

I love who I'm not and I hate who I've become.


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Track Name: We Are Nothing Alike
store bought emotion
your meaningless passions
it makes me sick
your head is too thick
your half-way excuses have no one convinced
dig your face into that pile of shit
slow and pathetic
it just makes my head ache
but you've gone dull, your stomach's too full
your freedom is shrinking but your body has grown big
shoveling what's handed, so you dig
we pledge allegiance for these fucking pigs?
I knew the real world would be something like this
but I would of never took the chance on myself if that's all there is
should I be a “scholar”? or just more of a “man”?
with a 40 hour work week and diploma in hand?
who are you, american?
I knew the real world would be something like this
but I quit.
Track Name: Look Where You Are Now
kill the child inside your head
suffocate and pick apart what's left.
I remember being fourteen and fantasizing about everything.
I remember nine years later and feeling the same way.
in another nine, well just put me to sleep if I'm in the exact same place.

I wish you'd feel the same
less upset, but with your head on straight
I wish you'd feel the same
if in another nine, and you're not doing fine
I wish you'd feel the same
well in the end, I have myself to blame
I wish you'd feel the same.

I'll compose myself enough so I won't spill my guts on the floor
but I'll probably cough some up
I know I've told you this story a dozen times or more
but I guess that I just forgot

add more wood to the fire
I wish you'd feel the same
add more wood to the fire
and I’m the one to blame.
Track Name: 4:00 AM: You're Still Alone
I wish that I could dream again
it gets so pointless in the end
but something makes me stay, I still can’t seem to run away
I walk, I talk, I sleep, I breathe
I spit, I cry, I piss, I bleed
can’t take this away from me again.